Collar and Leash Covers


Do you love the idea of having trendy collars and leashes for your dog but hate the expense and the clutter of having so many? How would you like to be able to cover your standard collar and 6 foot leash?


With these innovative covers you can choose from an assortment of covers to express your individual style or theme. Custom covers and leashes are also available for groups or events upon request. The covers are easy to use and most are machine washable depending on fabric.

These covers fit a variety of collars and leashes. Please see the size guide below.


Small fits a 1/2 inch collar and 1/2 inch wide by 6 foot long  leash.

Medium fits a 3/4 inch collar and 3/4 inch wide by 6 foot long leash.

Large fits a 1 inch collar and 1 inch wide by 6 foot long leash.