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Handmade dog accessories and dog collars made here is the USA (Texas).

I have had 14 greyhound dogs in my life and have always used the Martingale Collar for them all. I was shocked to discover what some of those collars were made of several years ago and set out to make my own Martingale Collars for my greyhound dogs. This grew into a business with so many folks asking where I got mine. I have since expanded into other areas with t-shirts, car decals and now luggage tags. 

The Walking Dad Tshirt

The Walking Dad t-shirt


Greyhound Luggage Tag Personalized

Greyhound Luggage Tag $25

Watermelon Slices Dog Collar

Watermelon Slices Martingale Collar $30

Lady Bug Dog Collar

Ladybug Martingale Collar

Greyhound Attention

Greyhound Car Decal $7

Playing Greyhound

Playing Greyhound Car Decal $7

If your interested in adopting a greyhound dog or need more information about greyhound  dogs please visit the links below.

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